Information Commons provides tools and data on several different infrastructure options

AWS cloud computing infrastructure, leveraging capabilities such as Elastic Map Reduce, as well as on-premise High Performance Computing (HPC) with UCSF’s Wynton HPC cluster and Information Commons Application Server.

The Infrastructure

For de-identified data, following shared spaces are available on following platforms:
  • Info Commons AWS Cluster
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) cluster for shared use among multiple researchers.  Private data storage area is available for each user.​​​​​
  • Wynton HPC
    Wynton HPC is a large, shared high-performance compute (HPC) cluster underlying UCSF’s Research Computing Capability. It is available to all UCSF researchers and their collaborators. ​​​​​​
  • Research Analysis Environment (RAE)
    A secure data hosting and compute service for UCSF researchers and their internal or external collaborators. Formerly known as MyResearch, RAE provides compute, storage, and tools in a secure, compliant platform across three product tiers to meet the community's diverse research needs.
  • Information Commons Application Server
    IC Wynton App Server is a powerful on-premise server with 600 GB of memory and 28 computing cores. In addition, it provides access to computing resources in the Wynton HPC Cluster, which contains an additional 12,000+ computing cores!
For PHI data with IRB study, private spaces are available on following platforms:

System Requirements

If you are unsure about your data set security requirements, please review information on data classification.

If you would like to set-up your own infrastructure, please review information on minimum security standards and information on UCSF IT Security Assessment.