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Harnessing the power of machine intelligence to advance precision medicine.

What is Information Commons?

A fast and easily searchable and accessible repository of all UCSF clinical data and models, and related basic science & population data, that enables research and discovery of new health insights underlying precision medicine, for the benefit of the patient and citizen.

Today, with the flood of data coming from ever more powerful instruments, monitors, mobile devices and public data sources, combined with smart computing paradigms, researchers can discover insights and patterns in human health that  – just a few years ago – they could only dream of.  Medical practitioners, meanwhile, strive for a holistic view of a person’s health, accounting for everything from their genetics to their environment. This holistic view, combined with easy access to the latest findings in the scientific literature, raises treatment and prevention to new levels.

The Info Commons make use of the UC Berkeley-developed Spark computing paradigm, employing a “compute to the data” model for Very Large data mining and pattern discovery.

Stay tuned to this website, as we are constantly updating our features.


Information Commons is currently in beta.  For a full list of features, and how to gain early access, see our wiki

The Friends and Family version of Information Commons (v0.1), which included de-identified structured APeX clinical data, was released in Nov 2017.


Information Commons specializes in supporting integrative research.  Clinical data, doctors’ notes, radiology images, specialist and lab reports – all are used in multifactor studies, with many more forms to come.

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